April 15, 2010

A Busy Couple of Days

We've been having some fun here lately trying to crank through a bunch of very different jobs.

Edge painting is popular these days, and not wanting to be left out... In fact we've been edging cards for years, but as it's a tricky thing to do we've always been quiet about it. But this job is special, and here we're experimenting with different shades of red - our first "to spec" color posed some questions that we passed on to the designer, and that turned into a chance to try different shades. A small batch of cards can be edged very easily - even a single card - and who doesn't like R&D time?

Envelope lining is sticky business, but someone's got to do it. There was a debate about whether or not showing the UHU glue stick was giving away a trade secret. If so, here's another trade secret: you have to stand there and glue every one up, and slip each one into place, and make sure it's straight, and well adhered, and if it is, you do exactly what you did 199 more times.

Here's a debossed pattern with no ink, registered to the rubine red plate. Note how it wasn't referred to as a "blind" impression. "Blind" means not registered to anything else on the sheet - a little nomenclature for our fellow obsessive/compulsives.

Who do you have to know to get something printed around here? Our note paper has been months in the making... stay tuned.

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