August 25, 2010

Big Man Little Press

Our new part-timer is Dave, who is by several inches the tallest man in the shop. Dave has been running presses since high school, and is now happily back to letterpress (after spending far too long with a process we hear about from time to time called "Off Set" printing, whatever that is). His transition was a matter of slowing down, and nothing like creasing 75 seating cards on a lever operated table top press (often referred to as a "One Arm Bandit") to put some perspective on things.

The Heidelberg Windmill by contrast to the table top  is a big press. It weights in at around 2200 pounds and occupies a good 16 square feet of floor space. But today as we ran a two color booklet I looked over and noticed that maybe the Windmill isn't such a large machine after all. It really is all a matter of perspective - or it could be the wide angle lens.

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